Family Unpacking Cardboard BoxDeath, illness and disability are things that you think happen to other people.

However the reality is that many people find themselves facing such situations and realise that they do not have the full amount of cover they needed.

It is our job to ensure we give you the most suitable protection advice based on your personal circumstances & needs.

We are able to review your existing cover, assess your requirements or where you have no existing protection, to make sure you have the appropriate most cost effective solution to meet your current needs should you die, become ill, or disabled.


We can offer the following types of protection from our panel of providers:

Life Protection

Provides a lump sum in the event of your death or becoming eligible for terminal illness benefit. This can be used to repay your mortgage, or to provide funds for you and/or your dependants, or both.

Critical Illness Protection

Provides a lump sum or regular income in the event of you suffering a specified critical illness. This can be used to repay your mortgage, or to provide funds for you and/or your dependants, or both, depending on your particular requirements.

Family Protection

The sums paid out by the above types of cover can be used to repay your mortgage. However, you can also arrange cover to provide additional income/lump sums for your family/dependants to alleviate the financial consequences of you dying or suffering a critical illness.

As all clients’ circumstances change from being a single person to being married and starting a family, requirements and objectives change. Through this period, it is vital that a client’s protection portfolio mirrors these changing circumstances.

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